Friday Night at the ROM

A couple of weeks ago, a few girlfriends and I attended Friday Night Live at the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum).


Once spring hits, every Friday night the ROM hosts a type of cocktail night, where guests can dress up, view all the features of the museum, and enjoy some drinks and appetizers, of course. I had never been before and was happy when my friend Christina picked up some tickets.



I had visited the ROM just last summer so a lot of the exhibits were still very familiar to me. You can check out the blog post for that here!


I hadn’t gone out with these ladies in awhile so it was wonderful to reconnect again.


Miche and I had fun dressing up in old armour…


… she insisted on taking a bathroom selfie.


And snap a photo in front of the autumn forest display (how pretty does it look!)


Perhaps the cherry on top was seeing a Spice Girls tribute band called Wannabe. Apparently it was a ’90s themed night!


We even managed to get a picture with them. Too funny!


It was a beautiful night in downtown Toronto and I was so happy to spend it with some of my best girl friends.



Peaceful Saturday Afternoon

Happy beautiful Saturday! And it is a beautiful one indeed!


Yesterday, I finally, finally finished my stressful placement! If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice my blog posts took a bit of a hiatus all because of a chaotic long term position I got myself into. You’d also know that after so many weeks of anxiety and even paranoia, I quit briefly. Then went back with little choice given, thought I was finishing on June 30th, and in fact had to work an extra week right up until yesterday. Even though it was only for three months, the whole thing took a huge toll: from my overall lifestyle, to my sleeping habits, to my workout routines, to my diet. I think that type of work environment takes someone very special who can handle the expectations – and I certainly wasn’t one of them!


They say every experience is a learning one and I can say, I definitely learned a thing or two! Seriously: I learned some things I can definitely take with me into my future placements. And I did meet some awesome, extremely helpful people along the way!


And now, I am finally back to my reading 🙂 I mentioned how awhile back, I didn’t even have the focus to read a book. It seems Emily Giffin’s newest book came out at the perfect time and I’ve been absorbed in it ever since.


This morning, I felt refreshed, light and happy. I grabbed a cup of coffee, my Kobo and started browsing through some of my favourite blogs to help inspire me for future ideas.  I’ve so been looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

I’m off to get some things done now on a Saturday afternoon! Brian and I will be heading back up to the Lakeshore House tonight after nearly a month’s absence. It’ll be so nice to have some well deserved downtime.


What are your plans this weekend?

The Canada Day Long Weekend

Happy extremely humid Wednesday! Hope everyone’s been staying cool and scoring a nice ice-cream here and there. Today I thought I’d share with you some of the photos from our Canada Day weekend.


Canada Day took place on a Friday this year, which means we had a nice long weekend! On the Thursday night right after work, I headed downtown to catch a baseball game with Brian and a few of his cousins.


It was an absolutely beautiful night for a game and a great kick-off to the weekend!


On Canada Day Friday, I took a day to myself – though, not intentionally! I woke up feeling completely sluggish and even a little run-down. Not only was I feeling quite fatigue, but it seemed like everyone in our house was feeling similar: we were all lazing around on the couch, still in our pajamas, and watched a 6-hour Blue Jays game (19 innings later…) I think it was something we all needed for ourselves in the end.


The next night, I met up with Ashley! – the same Ashley we visited just this past spring in Florida. She was back in town for the long weekend to catch up with friends and family and show her boyfriend around the city (who had never been to Canada before). We swapped some stories over a pitcher of sangria on an open patio.

The next day, it was back at it at the Blue Jays game!


Ashley was so determined to get out a game, so she gathered some old friends together for an afternoon down at the ball park.


We spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring around the city!


We walked over to Kensington Market, a trendy little part of downtown Toronto.







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